Mike Tyson and Badoo Jack perform prayers inside an American cafe (video)




Legendary boxer Mike Tyson

A video clip posted by former world boxing champion Badou Jack was spread on social media, performing prayers in an American café accompanied by legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

The duo was accompanied by the world kickboxing champion of Jordanian origin, Amer Abdullah Al-Mahserin.

Jack wrote, “I pray alongside my Muslim brothers Mike Tyson and Amir Abdullah, thank God.”

And Mike Tyson, who is 54 years old, was born into a poor family in Brooklyn, New York City, USA in 1966, and became a professional boxer at a young age until he became one of its famous heroes.

Tyson won the title of world champion in boxing at the age of 20 years, before he became addicted to drugs and was involved in many quarrels and harassment of girls in the streets, to be thrown in prison because of a rape case brought against him by the beauty queen Desiree Washington.

Inside the prison, Tyson became acquainted with the religion of Islam and decided to convert to it. Even on disasters. ”

Source: RT + “Twitter”


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