Mido sends several messages to Murtaza Mansour


Ahmed Hasm “Mido”, the former player of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, said that the white team did not complete the league in order to win over Al-Ahly only, pointing out that this is not worthy of a club the size of Zamalek, and the former Egyptian coach of the clearinghouse was keen to send several messages to Mortada Mansour, President Zamalek club.

Zamalek succeeded in stopping the series of defeat for Al-Ahly this season, and the white team was able to win the summit match with a score of 3-1, which was held in the 21st round of the Egyptian We League championship.

Through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, Mido said: “The talk is that Zamalek completed the league in order to win over Al-Ahly only (absurdity), and words are not appropriate for Zamalek club, its players, or its fans.”

He added, “I hope that the (beneficiaries) will not repeat it. Zamalek lost the league, but it must participate in the African Champions League next season … and God willing, we will win the championship this year.”

Mido also sent several letters to Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, which came as follows: “I remind Counselor Mortada Mansour that those who pushed him into big problems in 2005 are (the stables that were around you .. who were trying to benefit from you and they were causing you problems, using the nature of your personality).” .

He continued: “You did a lot of good things. Don’t let the people who benefit from the Zamalek club and suck their blood try to anticipate you again.”

And he added: “Your presence at the head of the Zamalek club management is very important at the current time and even in the near future, and your presence is a headache in the head of people who have been trying to calm the Zamalek club for years.”

He continued: “You must preserve your position by removing the stakeholders around you .. those who give you the wrong advice .. and those who say yes and honest only for their personal interests.”

And he continued: “There is not a great deal in this country and you are the most knowledgeable. Hosni Mubarak, may God have mercy on him, and his men are all imprisoned, so let your mind be around you, at least one will tell you no, this is a mistake.”

He concluded: “My advice to you .. I know that he is your little son, but before you move I always hear the words of Amir.”


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