Microsoft supports Word with the voice transcription feature for conversations


Finally supported Microsoft Corporation Word program with the useful “phonetic transcription” feature that many services have always provided over the Internet to convert spoken speech and conversations, whether in an audio or video clip, into written text.

By bringing the feature to the Word program, it became easier for users and students from them in particular to seamlessly convert conversations into written texts that serve them in the work and completion of research and academic abstracts.

Phonemic transcription

While it is possible to take advantage of the feature by transcribing the audio of a live event via the radio, broadcasting it directly on communication platforms, or broadcasting television, in addition to the ability to upload the audio or video clip to be transcribed and start working on it. While the feature can be activated by pressing the “Dictate” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the main Word window, which when pressed, a window for audio transcription will pop up.

According to the testers of the feature, it performs well and is almost accurate, but the important factor for extracting a written text that is highly compatible with the spoken text is the quality of the recording in the audio or video clip, in addition to that, the new Microsoft service provides a good performance similar to other platforms that provide a dedicated service for audio transcription.

As for who can take advantage of and use the feature; They are Microsoft 365 subscribers, with a maximum of 4 hours of audio transcription per month, with a capacity of 200 MB for uploaded files.

The company stated that the new feature is currently available for the web version of Word, provided that it will be made available at the end of the year on the application for the Android and iOS versions, and as it appears, the audio transcription is currently targeting the English language.




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