Microsoft is preventing Windows 10 users from deleting the Edge browser


Microsoft announced a change to its Edge browser that will prevent Windows 10 users from removing the browser to free up drive space. The company had redesigned the Edge browser in January, and it is compatible with all websites that work with Google Chrome.Microsoft has improved the Edge browser in several ways, including longer battery life when using Edge compared to Google Chrome, in addition to new ways to manage tabs.

It is clear that Microsoft is suffering with its new Edge browser, as it made it the new default browser on Windows 10, but most users still prefer Google Chrome, and many of them will be upset to learn that Microsoft will not allow them to remove Edge browser.

According to Microsoft’s blog, once you switch to the new version of the Edge browser, Windows 10 users will no longer be able to remove the browser, at least using traditional methods. The company wants this browser to be an integral part of the operating system.

The browser was included in the new update of the operating system, and Microsoft stresses the need for it due to the performance, privacy and support features it provides.

However, some users discovered a way to get rid of browsing, and they explained it to people who want to use Google Chrome only, according to the British newspaper Express:

C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Edge
Select the current version number
Locate setup.exe
Go to the file path inside the command prompt
Run the following command: setup.exe – uninstall –system-level – verbose-logging – force-uninstall


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