Merkel expects the worsening of the Corona epidemic and indicates the “only solution”


She added that although Germany will not fully repay the debt that resulted from the mitigation measures taken to counter the economic damage from the pandemic until 2058, these stimuli were necessary, because it was not possible to allow the economy to falter completely at the present time.

She said that her government is dealing with Corona pandemic In the spirit of social cohesion, she urged citizens not to abandon caution in the face of the virus.

She added during a press conference, “It is a serious matter, the most dangerous, and you have to deal with it seriously.”

She indicated that the European Commission is now working on concluding more contracts with pharmaceutical companies to secure Covid-19 vaccines.

While many of the vaccines under development around the world have not passed Phase III trials, the European Commission has granted the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca a 336 million euros ($ 400 million) advance payment to provide at least 300 million doses of its potential Covid-19 vaccine.

“More similar contracts are being concluded,” Merkel said. Germany succeeded in keeping the death rate from disease Covid-19 Relatively low compared to some other large European countries.

But as has happened in most parts of the world, there has been an increase in daily infections since the beginning of July. The number of daily cases of the virus has continued to rise in the past few weeks.


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