Melhem Zain angry, “Get drunk” .. Is Elisa the one intended? “


The Lebanese artist Melhem Zein exploded in anger due to the tragic events that his native country, Lebanon is going through, following the explosion of the Beirut port, which caused Beirut to be declared a disaster city.

Melhem participated in a telephone intervention on a program presented by “Nichane” and expressed his sadness about the conditions Lebanon is going through and the racism witnessed by the Lebanese people because of the parties.

Specifically, Melhem’s statement came as follows: “I want to say, ‘We need love. The explosion hit all people.. Toni, Philip, Elias, Wiley, Ali, Muhammad, and Hassan were hit.’”
And he continued, “The celebrities who did not have a sweet word to be told by Sugar, died, we are in an embarrassing situation and endure racism and sectarianism, and we are spoiled for poison and sedition … We are a shame as artists and intellectuals, this talk..the tragic one who is supposed to blame us on some.”

Melhem concluded his speech, “You belong to the one you want, but you do not scold the poison of others and those who defend them from the corrupt class.”

The statements made by Melhem were linked directly by the public to his colleague, the Lebanese artist Elissa, who has been under great attack since the start of the disaster in Beirut because of her statements that were described as racism in various Lebanese political issues. Because of the utter failure and corruption that exists in the parties in Lebanon.

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