Meet the “worst person” billionaire Elon Musk has worked with


urge Tesla CEO Elon Musk People recently removed his page from Wikipedia, but his recent tweet on the site led to another interesting discovery. In one of his replies to a follower’s tweet, Musk revealed the “worst person” he had ever worked with.

The story began when one of Musk’s followers posted an image from his Wikipedia page mentioning the “first investor” of Tesla, and Musk replied, “The first investor” part of Tesla is wrong. This was written by Eberhard (the worst person I’ve ever worked with and he says Something!) For years. “

The “Eberhard” that Musk disliked in his tweet is Martin Eberhard, co-founder of Tesla, who started with Mark Tarpinning the company in 2003, as Musk came as an investor shortly thereafter, and while the details of the error that occurred between him and Musk are still unclear. Known, it was a bitter quarrel.

Eberhard was fired as Tesla CEO in 2007 and Musk assumed his duties in 2008. Then Eberhard sued Musk for defamation and said that his contributions as co-founder of Tesla had been reduced, and despite the suit being settled – on conditions other than Herald – Eberhard has agreed to consider Musk as co-founder of Tesla.

Eberhard said in an interview that Tesla is “his child” and that he is not a big fan of Elon Musk. “I watch Tesla succeed and this makes me very happy because she is my child, and regardless of who married my child, I am happy to see him succeed,” he said. Meanwhile, Musk said, In another recent tweet, “winning” the worst person I’ve ever worked with “isn’t easy.

And Eberhard, the former Tesla CEO, is clearly still the “worst person” the current Tesla CEO has ever worked with, according to Elon Musk.


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