Medical personnel most susceptible to corona infection


The authors of the study explained that the risk is five times higher for patients who say they are “members of ethnic minorities, black or Asian”, even taking into account medical precedents.
“Our results confirm the structural differences in facing Covid. Minority therapists were more likely to work in more dangerous medical settings with afflicted or probable covid patients, and they had less access to protective equipment,” said Erica Warner of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Required. “
Also, inequality in access to masks, gloves and other protective equipment is, as expected, a major factor that exacerbates the risk of injury.
About 2.6 million users in Britain, 182,408 users in the United States participated in the study when it started. With the tolerance of people who used the application for less than 24 hours and those who were previously infected with the virus, the number of study participants reached 2.1 million, of whom 99,795 identified themselves as being treated in direct contact with patients.


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