mbc stops entertainment and turns to drama


The network is satisfied with showing the first version of “The Voice Seniors”, in which Najwa Karam is participating

The mbc channel is currently in a remarkable period of inactivity, with some preparations waiting for the whistle to start. In exchange for stopping filming all programs in its studios in Zouk Mosbeh (Beirut), the Saudi Network is preparing for a set of new projects that differ from what it previously presented. Following the crisis of the spread of a virus and the suspension of programs due to the absence of the public and adherence to obligations to prevent the spread of the virus, Mbc found an opportunity in the direction of buying serials, converting them into Arabic versions, broadcasting them on its screen and the application of “witness”. The channel has frozen all of its activities that revolve around the search for singing talent, and this season will not present any of these projects. Although it was seeking to return these work to programming, but the spread of the virus and the closure of airports in the world resulted in the suspension of those programs that are very popular. Therefore, the station will soon be satisfied with the presentation of the first season of the program “The Voice Senier”, which brings together in its jury members Najwa Karam, Hani Shaker, Samira Saeed and Melhem Zein. Filmed the program about a year ago and it was going to be shown as part of the programming last fall, but the channel changed its decision at the last moments. On the other hand, the channel seeks to buy a bunch of foreign series and present a form of them, as happened with the Turkish series “Bride of Istanbul”, from which it presented a season bearing the name “Bride of Beirut” and is currently filming its second season. The station is negotiating to buy the rights to a number of series, including the American House of Cards, which was previously shown on the Netflix app. The work is a political drama, revolving around Frank Democrat who becomes a Representative in the US House of Representatives, to take revenge on those who betrayed him. The sources pointed out that the filming of the series will take place in Dubai, regardless of the problems that you may face in Beirut. Arab writers will also be sought, but most of them are Egyptian.


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