Mazda decides to postpone the MX30 electric class


Announced that the Japanese company Mazda Motors intends to launch the new MX30 – on the Japanese market during the coming fall and it contains a hybrid version in addition to the traditional car, which means the postponement of the launch of the first electric car for the Japanese company.
According to the “German”, Mazda had revealed at its Tokyo International Motor Show last year its first electric car from the MX30 family – and it was said at the time that this off-road electric car will be produced during 2020, but it appears That this date was postponed.
The Mazda-MX30-eSky Active-G Hybrid will use a conventional two-liter, direct-injection engine, along with an electric motor “M-Hybrid” that will assist the conventional four-cylinder engine when needed.
And the Motor Trend website specialized in automotive topics quoted Mazda as saying that the MX30-Hybrid is part of its strategy to provide the best options available in the engine power to serve the needs and desires of some areas of
the world.
At the same time, Mazda intends to start launching the electric MX30-EV family in Europe to meet the demand for cars that do not emit any exhaust in this market. Mazda said it plans to start selling the electrical version rental contracts for the MX30 – later this year.
The Motor Trend website stated that there is not a lot of official information about the MX30-hybrid, but it is assumed that it will use the latest generation of the two-liter Sky Active engine, which runs on conventional fuel with a capacity of 154 hp and a torque of 174 pounds per cubic foot, which is currently used in the Mazda 3. On the Japanese market.
It is expected that the interior and exterior design of the hybrid car will be identical to that of the electric version.


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