May Helmy responds to the question that she did not delete her pictures with Mohamed Rashad, and this is what she did with her wedding dress – with pictures


Days after the divorce of the Egyptian artistMuhammad RashadAnd the Egyptian mediaMay HelmyThis topic is still a matter of controversy and interest by followers.
Hence, in response to the questions of some on her own page on a social media site, which included the question, “Why did you not erase your photos with Rashad”, Helmy said: “And delete it for him?”
On the other hand, Helmy published a picture in which she announced her donation of the wedding dress that he wore on her wedding from Rashad, and appeared in the picture accompanied by the two girls who gave them the dresses, commenting on her saying: “Whoever makes you happy in the world is your good work and your sweet career among people.”
And she continued: “The countries of Siham and we have the two brides whom we will make their joy from my heart by thanking you. You are pleased to wear it, so I will rest. The joy remains. All the people who will do it have asked us to help us in the joy of Siham, our religion, and Amina, you will sing in joy .. I am the first of all our Lord congratulates you.”
To return and say in another post that she did not give up her memories and that what she had done was just a desire to bring pleasure to the hearts of these girls after their participation in one of the competitions, indicating that she wore five dress instead.


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