Manchester mobilized after increasing Corona’s injuries




The British city of Manchester has announced a “major accident” to counter the rise in coronavirus infections.

“Even though the town hall and its partners have been working to address the repercussions of the epidemic since the beginning of the year, the announcement of the major accident means that we can intensify our efforts,” local newspaper “Manchester Evening News” quoted City Councilor Richard Liz on Sunday as saying.

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Against the backdrop of increasing casualties, Johnson postponed easing measures to deter Corona in Britain

He pointed out that the declaration provides the possibility to establish a central leadership body to oversee dealing with the spread of the virus, and enables the relevant bodies to bring in additional resources to combat the virus.

Last Thursday, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that closures would be strengthened in some areas of northern England because of the high incidence of infections.

It is noteworthy that the number of corona virus victims in Britain reached more than 46 thousand people, in the fourth highest toll in the world.

Source: Reuters


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