Manchester City News: Rooney expects the finalist to face Manchester City and Real Madrid


Manchester City

Sport 360 – Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United legend, expects the finalist to meet Manchester City And Real Madrid, in the Champions League.

Man City receives his counterpart Real Madrid On the Etihad Stadium, on August 7, in the second leg of the 16th Champions League competition.

Rooney wrote in the newspaper “The Times”: “City may not have a better chance to win the Champions League, Sergio Ramos is absent for suspension, which represents a great loss for Real Madrid’s defense.”

Rooney expects Manchester City to qualify at Real Madrid’s expense

“I think City will score, my only question is if they are strong enough behind, the riyal will target the Citizens defenders, and it is disturbing that each of the top six Premier League teams beat City this season,” he said.

He continued: “This shows that Guardiola can fight, I saw Zinedine Zidane doing this in his first period as a real coach when he played against the teams Guardiola is leading in big games, which brought him success.”

He continued: “But I expect City to win, they do not have to score, they can even lose 1-0 and qualify, and in the first game they surprised Madrid by sitting in the defense.”

He concluded: “This was the first time I saw Guardiola play this way, and I feel that he would do the same in the federation, it could be a match between a cat and a mouse.”

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