Mai Farouk reveals the secret of losing 30 kilos .. And the first time she sings for children (video)


The artist revealed مي فاروق, About the secret of her loss of weight and relationship with her children and about her feeling to return to the opera theater after a period of stopping that lasted for more than 3 months due to the spread of the Corona virus, during her hosting of the program “With youWith informational Mona Al-Shazly, Via the “CBC“.

I was surprised مي فاروقThe audience, with a new color, is losing a lot of weight, to ask her Mona Al-Shazly About the reason.

وكشفت مي فاروق, She underwent surgery after thinking that lasted for more than 6 years, and continuous attempts to save her weight between sports and diets, but she failed to lose excess weight. ”

She said she was afraid of the idea of ​​the surgery, but made the decision, and it was initially tiring for her, but she adapted to the situation.

She explained that she began to notice the difference between a month of surgical intervention, and began to lose weight, and reached the goal I wanted and lost 30 kilograms of weight.

و .شارت مي فاروقShe didn’t leave her home from Hurricane Dragon, so she was very afraid when she told her that she would open opera nights in mid-July.

She added: “After the ban because of Corona and I sat for a long time at home, I was worried about singing and I was afraid my voice wouldn’t sound.”

And she continued: “I was afraid of my coming back after the ban on an opera, but thank God it was a good experience.”

And about her times during the house insulation, she drew مي فاروق, That the topic was terrifying because it started suddenly and nobody knows how it will end or when, everyone is in his house and no one sees his family members.

She explained that the social media played a big role in eliminating the boredom of the defenseless home, and that she was singing Live via her personal account from time to time, noting that she received positive feedback and a high percentage of view because everyone was trying to occupy his time.

She referred to the period of house isolation, brought her back to the kitchen and from time to time she was bringing cakes to her children, and she tried to discover their talents and get closer to them far from the flares of work and constant travel, noting that the next generation is very difficult to handle and their personality is starting to appear early.

She noted that she invested the period of corona, in listening and memorizing many songs, to intervene Mona Al-Shazly She asked, “You decided to diversify the songs that were presented.”

و .جابت مي فاروقShe fears the public’s reaction to her singing certain songs that listeners loved from the original singer, for example, “We Are We Desire” by Umm Al Kulthum.

During the episode, I presented مي فاروق, Two of the children’s songs are: “Was in a Butterfly” by Nelly and the musician Ammar Al Shareai, and “Da Min” by the musician Hani Shenouda.

In a paragraph she collected with her children, Zina and Malik, she sang “My life is not perfect” for the artist Rami Sabry and the song “Winter”, as they played together the melodies game, during which she مي فاروق “The Girl of Eight” by Tamer Hosni, and “3 Beats” by Abu Yusra.

And the artist lit up مي فاروقStudioWith you.. Al-Shazly sang “many songs of the beautiful time, including” Tayer Yahwa “by artist Mohammed Rushdie, and” I miss you “and all the attendees in the studio interacted with her.

She also sang مي فاروقThe song “Ya Shams Ya Munawara Ghibi”, which she sang 17 years ago and was part of the series “The Night and Its End” by Yehia El Fakhrani in 2003, was مي فاروق She is her main singer, and she is just 17 years old.

Little singer مي فاروقThe last paragraphs of the concert at the Fountain Theater in the Egyptian Opera House were revived, with a public attendance estimated at 25%, in implementation of the Prime Minister’s decision to limit the spread of Corona virus and coexist with it.

It was announced مي فاروقThrough her personal page on Facebook, her separation from her husband months ago and that she started a love relationship with her children, and she wrote on her page: “It was months of my divorce from Abu My Children, and then I discovered that the sweetest and most beautiful real love relationship is what is with my children, my love: Zeina, Malik and my job Our Lord will make them happy, let them leave me, protect them, and help me in my work, and my children are everything I need. I discovered that our Lord gave me a gift that cannot be compensated for by the treasures of the earth.

May added: “All my respect and appreciation for the ten good ones that were the destiny of our Lord, praise be to God … I discovered that they appeared and supported me and my true ones are the most sincere love, the sweetest love relationship in my life, my children, happy and proud of them and your prayers for my success in my work.”


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