Magda Al Roumi Business Manager: No one has the right to misrepresent “a hymn that runs through the veins of the Lebanese people” | Art stars


Commenting on the deletion of the phrase “the revolution is born from the womb of sorrows” from the song “Ya Beirut” during the Army Day celebration, the artist’s director of work, Roumi Awad Al-Roumi, said that “there are moral and legal rights for the poet Nizar Qabbani, the songwriter and composer Jamal Salama, and for the artist Magda, and no one has the right to distort A song as an anthem going on throughout the veins of all Lebanese. “

Al-Roumi indicated, in an exclusive interview with “Voice of Beirut International”, that the one who distorted the passage “is not tired of the rich.” Al-Roumi refused to go into the political Al-Zawareb, exploring until the case was filed against the organizers.

In response to a question about being able to know the party that changed the passage, Awad said: “We did not know and we need to know … No one replaces the original and glorified everyone, sang the revolution and the country and is greater than these trivialities.”


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