Macron to Trump: Washington’s sanctions against Hezbollah are counterproductive


A palace official said The ElyseeMacron, who spoke on the eve of a donors ’conference in support of Lebanon, told Trump in a phone call Friday that the United States should” invest again “in Lebanon to help rebuild it.

The official said France believed there was sufficient evidence to assume that Tuesday’s devastating Beirut port explosion was an accident.

He had warned the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, against a continuation Destabilize Lebanon And to exploit the crisis to open a door to foreign influence in the country.

In press statements, he indicated that there are foreign-funded non-governmental actors in Lebanon, such as Hezbollah militiaWhich can exploit the political and security vacuum in Lebanon.

Recently, the public anger against the Hezbollah militia has increased, especially with the deterioration of the economic situation in Lebanon.

The German minister stressed that the crisis in Lebanon carries great risks for more DestabilizationEmphasizing that the focus should be on holding a donor conference for the reconstruction of Lebanon.

On Sunday, Paris is set to host a video conference for donors for Support Lebanon In order to obtain financial pledges of support from the participating countries, including the United States of America, and how to directly distribute the aid intended for the people, not to go to the powerful, corrupt forces in Lebanon.

Lebanese officials estimate the total losses from the port explosion at between $ 10 billion and $ 15 billion, including direct and indirect losses related to trade.

For its part, the World Bank announced its readiness to conduct an assessment of the damage and needs of Lebanon following the port explosion, and to work with Lebanon’s partners to mobilize public and private funding for reconstruction and recovery.


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