Macron to the Lebanese authorities: Time to wake up … and the explosion is like a “thunderbolt”


London, Britain (CNN) – French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that everyone should join hands to help Lebanon and its people after the disaster of the “Beirut bombing”, in his opening speech to the donors conference for Lebanon, on Sunday.

Macron spoke to the meeting via video technology from Berganson, southern France, and said, “The aim is to gather our resources to meet the needs of Beirut’s residents,” as he put it.

The French President affirmed that the Lebanese authorities must make reforms, and said about that: “The bombing of the fourth of August was a thunderbolt. It is time to wake up and take steps.”

Macron added, “The Lebanese authorities must start with the political and economic reforms demanded by the Lebanese people. This is the only thing that will allow the international community to intervene effectively alongside Lebanon to rebuild it.”

The French President expressed his thanks to his American counterpart and 15 other presidents for their move to help the Lebanese people. He also stressed that Israel had expressed its desire to help despite the geopolitical difficulties it faces in Lebanon.


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