Macron at the opening of the donors conference: Our role is to be on the side of the Lebanese people


French President Emmanuel Macron said at the opening of the donors conference that our role is to be with the Lebanese people, adding that we must build an international response under the coordination of the United Nations.

Macron confirmed to the United Nations-supported conference he was hosting by video link that we have to act quickly and he would like this aid to go directly to where people need it on the ground, noting that the money raised today should be just the beginning.

The French president said that Israel had indicated its willingness to help Lebanon.

Macron said on Sunday that world powers owe support to the Lebanese people after a massive explosion destroyed the capital, Beirut.

Macron stressed the need “to act quickly and efficiently so that this aid goes directly to where you need it.” He said, “The future of Lebanon is at stake.”

The French President said that the offer of assistance included the support of an impartial, credible and independent investigation into the Beirut Port explosion, which killed at least 158 ​​people.

Macron stressed that “we are doing everything we can to avoid chaos in Lebanon because it does not serve the situation,” calling on “the Lebanese authorities to undertake the reforms that the people aspire to.”
He pointed out that the aid will be provided under the auspices of the United Nations.
Our correspondent in France pointed out that the list of countries participating in the conference has not yet been determined.



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