Lucid Air promises to cover a distance of 832 km on a single charge


Announced Lucid Motors Corporation , Specializing in electric vehicle production, on showing the upcoming electric sedan.Lucid Lucid Air“The ability to travel 832 km on a single shipment.

The verification process came via a company FEV North America In the city of Auburn Hills in the state of Michigan, USA, where it is carried out according to multi-cycle testing procedures set by the US Environmental Protection Agency according to the standard (SAE J1634 Oct 2012 Standard), with a standard setting factor.

The results that appeared in the operation confirmed that Lucid The Air is the electric vehicle with the longest range yet.

Commenting on the achievement, Peter Rawlinson, CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Lucid: “We are pleased with the independent verification by FEV of the capacity of our vehicle Lucid Iyer is at a distance of 517 miles (832 km), according to US Environmental Protection Agency standards. This achievement marks a milestone in the history of electric vehicle development, which has succeeded Lucid In its full realization via its own techniques. Thanks to its 900-volt electrical system, its racing-proven battery pack, its electrical equipment and miniature generators, its software and integrated transmission systems, its aerodynamic properties, its chassis and its thermal systems, I believe that the overall efficiency of the system has now reached a stage that sets a new standard and achieves Taken together, a set of innovations are the first of their kind. ”

The highest possible results

“FEV” is one of the independent and pioneering companies providing international engineering services for the development of cars and the generation and transmission mechanisms of devices and programs, with service offerings that include awarding certificates for the distance that cars can travel according to the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. Lucid Air was able to obtain The highest results are with her in the testing phase.

“Our company has tested numerous vehicles for a wide range of industrial and consumer use cases, with a special focus on developing and testing electric cars,” says Dean Tomazick, Chief Technology Officer at FE in North America. We are very impressed with the pace of progress in this area as demonstrated by our test results on Lucid Ayer, and we are proud of the important role we play in the development of electrical transmission solutions. ”

Lucid Air’s technologies add more possibilities

The new car managed to meet the calculated distance forecast established by the manufacturer, Thanks to its patented technology with precise engineering of various aspects of the vehicle In terms of performance and efficiency. Where put Lucid Miniature and integrated designs for the generators, transmission systems and power transducers in her car, and she attached it to an ultra-high voltage structure exceeding 900 volts to achieve unprecedented levels in terms of efficiency and compact size.

Lucid Motors has relied on 10 years of experience to produce batteries that fit its new car, and has driven nearly 20 million miles of practical tests. The company says its technology division known as Atieva has played a crucial role in providing a premium battery range for the Formula Racing Series since 2018, and will continue to do so until 2022. It notes that the result is a car battery system. Lucid AIR delivers unprecedented levels of performance and energy density in the structure surrounding the passenger compartment.

“The mileage and level of efficiency are important pieces of evidence in gauging the technical prowess of electric cars,” Rawlinson says. A few years ago we unveiled prototypes of the Lucid Ayer, and we promised to cover more than 400 miles; Reflecting the capabilities of our technology at the time. During the intervening period, we succeeded in achieving a series of technical achievements that reached unprecedented levels in the field of energy efficiency. We are pleased to drive the 517 miles (832 kilometers) today according to EPA estimates, with a significant reduction in battery pack capacity, reducing vehicle weight and cost, and enhancing interior space. This exceptional efficiency has been achieved thanks to our technologies, which we consider a benchmark for any leader in electric vehicle technology. ”

Lucid Motors will unveil its new sedan, Lucid Air, in a special online event on September 9th.


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