Lowry leads the Raptors to beat the Lakers in the NBA



Posted on: Sunday, August 2 2020 – 2:29 pm | Last update: Sunday, August 2, 2020 – 2:31 PM

Kyle Lawrie led his defending champions Raptors to a 107-92 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the leading candidates to win a champion for the season, in the NBA matches on Sunday morning..

Laurie ended the meeting with 33 points and 14 followings, with a point less than the total score of the Lakers star LeBron James (20 points and 10 rebounds) and Anthony Davis (14 points), in the match held behind closed doors at the Disney World complex in Orlando, Florida.

Toronto started the game Saturday strongly, and advanced 13-0 in the first quarter. Lakers needed 4:51 minutes to score their first point, the longest period without points this season.

The Lakers gradually returned, equaling the numbers in the second quarter, and advanced by six points at the beginning of the third. But that difference was the biggest that Los Angeles managed to make throughout the game, as the Canadian team returned to impose its preference in the last quarter that James spent part of it on the bench.

Toronto extended the difference to 16 points in the last minutes.

This was the most prominent match on the third day of the resumption of the league competitions, after being suspended last March because of “Covid-19”, before completing this week according to a modified formula in the “bubble” of Orlando. With the participation of 22 of the 30 teams, the number of NB teams Verse”.

The match brought together two teams that are considered the most prominent candidates to compete for the title. Flickers tops the Western Region ranking with 50 wins from 65 games, while Toronto, with 47 wins and 18 losses, is second in the East behind the Milwaukee Bucks, holder of the best league record for the 2019-2020 season.

Lowry was the best with 33 points, 14 rebounds and six assists, while teammate OG Anthony added 23 points, Cameroonian Pascal Siakam 15 points and nine rebounds in favor of Toronto.

In contrast, James, the league’s best player four times, was the most prominent in the Lakers with 20 points, ten rebounds and five assists, while Kyle Kozma added 16 points, Davis 14 points and six rebounds.

Raptors are in the absence of the biggest contributor in the 2018-2019 title, its former player Kouahi Lennard, who moved to Los Angeles Clippers, one of the potential competitors for the title.

On Saturday, Clippers won a great victory over New Orleans Pelicans 126-103, Lennard’s share of which was 24 points.

Clippers and strengthened his second position in the western region, after achieving his 45 win (compared to 21 losses), especially thanks to Paul George, who ended the meeting with 28 points, while Ridgy Jackson contributed 15 points with eight rebounds.

While Klipers guaranteed his qualification to the playoff exclusion rounds that start on August 17, Pelicans is still among the competitors for the last two cards (from eight) for the western region, but he slipped to 12th after receiving Saturday his 38th loss in 66 games .

In the rest of the games, Indiana Pacers beat the Philadelphia Seven Sixers 127-121, and the Miami Heat defeated the Denver Nuggets 125-105.


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