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Mercato Day offers you a live broadcast of the “Real Madrid and Manchester City” match at the top of the matches today, Friday 7-8-2020, in the second leg of the 16th round of the Champions League.

The “Real Madrid and Manchester City” match is broadcast on BN Sports 1, with the voice of Tunisian commentator “Raouf Khalif”, as well as on BN Sports 3 and BT Sport Extra 1.

The match kicks off at 19:00 GMT, 21:00 Egyptian time, 22:00 Saudi time, at Manchester City’s “Etihad Airways” stadium.

The Etihad Stadium in Manchester receives a high-caliber match between Manchester City and Real Madrid without a public presence due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Armed with Manchester City and armed with the result of the first leg, he defeated the Royal team in his backyard “Santiago Bernabeu” with two goals to one goal, in the match that was held on February 26, 2020.

Left-back Benjamin Mendy will be absent from the ranks of Citizens due to the accumulation of yellow cards, and Argentine star “Sergio Aguero” will be absent due to injury.

On the other hand, “Real Madrid” enters the match with high spirits after achieving the Spanish League title, and Zidane will seek to exploit the situation of his players in order to achieve a victory by two goals or more to ensure qualification for the last eight.

Los Blancos will miss the services of his captain, “Sergio Ramos”, after he was sent off in the first leg, but he is with the team’s mission to support them.

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Real Madrid 1-2 Manchester City

Etihad Stadium (Manchester – England)

European Champions League (second leg of the round of 16)


Live broadcast written “moment by moment”

  • Welcome to a live broadcast of today’s matches between “Real Madrid and Manchester City” in the second leg of the most glorious European championships’ European Champions League final price.
  • The events of the match “Mohab Zayed” are brought to you from the live broadcast center on Mercato Day.
  • We kindly ask you to update this page every minute to know the match details up to date.
  • How much we missed the UEFA Champions League music and its atmosphere.
  • 🔵 And beginning with the lineup of the landowner Manchester City: Ederson Moares – Joao Cancelo – Emeric LaPorte – Fernandinho – Kyle Walker – Ilkay Gundogan – Rodri – Phil Foden – Kevin De Bruyne – Raheem Sterling – Gabriel Jesus.
  • The bench: Claudio Bravo – Alexander Zinchenko – Nicholas Ottamendi – John Stones – Adrian Burnaby – Thomas Doyle – Eric Garcia – Taylor Harwood – David Silva – Riyad Mahrez – Bernardo Silva – Cole Palmer.
  • Real Madrid squad: Thibaut Courtois – Fairland Mende – Raphael Varane – Eder Militao – Danny Carvajal – Tony Crosse – Carlos Casemiro – Luca Modric – Eden Hazard – Karim Benzema – Rodrigo Goss.
  • The bench: Altobi – Areola – Nacho – Marcelo – Javi Hernandez – Brahim Diaz – Isco – Marco Asensio – Luca Jovic – Vinicius Junior – Federico Valverde – Lucas Vasquez.
  • زين Zinedine Zidane revealed serious details of Gareth Bale who refused to play today, and we will pass it on to you in succession.
  • Zidane: Bale is a player at Real Madrid. Nothing changes. He is a Madrid player and I respect that. He preferred not to play and it’s the only thing I can tell you. Those who are here focus on tomorrow’s game. ”
  • Zidane added: “Bill did not disappoint. I will not tell you anything. It’s the third question on Bill, I just said what happened. I respect Gareth a lot and things should remain in the locker room between the players and the coach. ”
  • Zidane: “Yes, the reason why Bill is not in Manchester is personal, not technical. The rest was a conversation between the coach and the player and I won’t tell you anything. ”
  • As well as the vision of Real Madrid fans regarding the Welsh player, who will definitely not wear the royal shirt again in the presence of
  • “1🟢 The start of the match ..
  • “6 A powerful shot from Kevin De Bruyne, but it hits Casemiro and gets out on the corner.
  • “9Goooooooool – Manchester City’s first goal by Rahim Sterling after a fatal mistake from Varan.
  • “9 Goal story: a slowdown in passing the ball from Raphael Varane into the penalty area, to be taken from him by Gabriel Jesus and passed the ball to Sterling, who placed it in the empty net.
  • “11 Real Madrid is still lost, he hasn’t come to Al Ittihad yet!
  • 13 Eder Militau almost repeated Varane’s mistake after he slowed the ball to Stirling’s pressure, but the referee intervened and calculated a foul in favor of Militato after Raheem was blocked.
  • “14 Oooooh – A powerful shot by Raheem Sterling from outside the penalty area goes above the goal by a few centimeters.
  • 16 Raheem Sterling manipulated Militato and tried to shoot, but an excellent intervention from Casemiro, who grabbed the ball.
  • “20 first chance for Real Madrid! Karim Benzema tames a ball on the edge of the penalty area and launches a missile shot that was blocked by Ederson, to get out into the corner.
  • 21 Eden Hazard strikes his left ball from outside the penalty area, but Ederson saves.
  • “26 Joao Cancelo breaks through the midfield of Real Madrid and passes a ball to Stirling in the depth of the defense but is relatively far from Raheem to go to Courtois.
  • “28” Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool – Real Madrid’s equalizer through Karim Benzema after a wonderful cross from Rodrigo Jos.
  • “32 Kyle Walker passes 3 Real Madrid players from the middle of the field to the penalty area and hits a strong ball, but is far above the goal.
  • “36 deceptive shots by Joao Cancelo from outside the penalty area, but Courtois brilliantly tackled them to keep the Real Madrid defending away.”
  • “40 left five minutes from the end of the first half, and a tie still exists between the two teams.
  • “41 fatal errors from Courtois in passing that almost cost the team the second goal after a strong shot from Foden passed by the post by a few centimeters.
  • “45 The referee adds one minute in calculated time instead of lost.
  • 45 Kevin De Bruyne strikes a ball straight from the corner, but Courtois pushes it away with his fist.
  • “45 + 1 whistle at the end of the first half, with a positive draw, with a goal to the same.
  • A short break and get back to you again with the start of the second half.
  • “45🟢 start of the second half

  • 46 Raheem Sterling misses a great opportunity after a typical pass from Kevin de Bruyne, but Cortua is credited with this wonderful save.
  • “53 very dangerous chances for Man City – Gundogan pass to Stirling completely uncensored inside the six-yard area to shoot it strong, but Tibua Courtois saves it.
  • “54 powerful shots from Benzema, but a far cry from the goal.
  • 56 Kevin De Bruyne passes from Militato in a wonderful way inside the penalty area, but Danny Carvajal saves the situation and removes the ball before the Belgian can shoot it.
  • “60 crawling ground crosses from De Bruyne from the right side passed safely over the Real’s defense before a Jesuit arrived.
  • 61🔁The first substitution in the meeting in favor of Real Madrid, with the departure of Rodrigo Jos and the entry of Marco Asensio.
  • “62 Kroos extracts a ball from Rodri in the middle of the field and passes it to Benzema, who dodged Laporte and hit a powerful ball that hit the defense and went away.
  • “63 other serious attacks by Real Madrid through Benzema, but his shot reached easy in the hands of Ederson.”
  • 65 De Bruyne passes a ball to Fodin in the depth of Real Madrid’s defense to clear the ball to Jesus, and the latter hits it strong, but Courtois saves it brilliantly and pushes it to the corner.
  • 67🔁 First substitution for City, with Phil Foden leaving and Bernardo Silva entering.
  • “68 gooooooooooooool – The second goal of Manchester City through Jesus after another fatal mistake from Varane!
  • 70 Luka Modric hits a shot after a cross from Hazard, but it hits Gundogan’s foot and runs away.
  • “72 shots from Walker, but Courtois saves.
  • “75 Real Madrid possesses the ball, but without risking City’s goal.
  • “80🟨, the first yellow card in the match, against Luka Modric, after impeding Kevin de Bruyne.
  • “81” second Manchester City transfer, with Rahim Sterling leaving and David Silva entering.
  • “82🔁” Three substitutions at once for Real Madrid with the exit of Dani Carvajal, the entry of Lucas Vásquez, the exit of Luka Modric, the entry of Federico Valverde, the exit of Eden Hazard and the entry of Luka Jovic.
  • “85 direct free kicks to Manchester City from the borders of the penalty area, which were taken by David Silva and shot a powerful goal in the net, but it was slightly higher.
  • “88” was a substitution for Man City with the exit of Rodri and the entry of the defender Otamendi.
  • “90 the referee adds 4 minutes as a calculated time instead of lost.
  • “90 + 4 whistle at the end of the match, with Manchester City winning two goals against one, to qualify for the quarter-finals round with the total of two matches (4-2).
  • Here the live broadcast ends.
  • We hope you enjoyed this coverage and bye in other matches.

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