Live Al-Hilal v. Al-Nasr match .. Al-Assad Gomez shoots Jones’s goal with a second goal



Saudi 360 – Pavitimbe Gomez put his team Al-Hilal in front again by scoring a second goal in the victory net, the second half of the fiery match that brings them together, on Wednesday evening.

Victory against Al-Hilal will meet today, Wednesday evening, at the King Fahd International Stadium, “Durrat Al-Malaeb”, this evening, in the framework of the 23rd round matches of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League competition.

Gomez score a second goal in the victory net:

The referee counted a penalty kick for Sebastian Giovinco after he had blocked in the penalty area victory, to enter after that Pavitimbi Gomez and hit the ball against Brad Jones successfully in the “55” minute of the second half.

The first half of the match ended in a positive tie, with a goal similar to that, as Sebastian Giovinco advanced with the “35” minute, then Sultan Al-Ghannam tied for victory.

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