List of the world’s highest-paid actors for 2020


Forbes newspaper has published a list of the highest-paid actors in the world for the year 2020, issued by actor Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed “The Rock,” thanks to a fictional deal from the Netflix platform, and a huge sponsorship contract from a sports company.

According to the newspaper, the list includes 7 representatives from the United States, a Canadian actor, and two from India and China, in the annual list that reveals “fictional” figures for the income of movie stars from around the world.

Jackie Chan ($ 40 million annually)

Despite his old age, the Chinese-American star, Jackie Chan, still enters tens of millions into his account annually. In addition to his movie income, Chan enters millions of sponsorships and advertising contracts.

Adam Sandler ($ 41 million annually)

The “Netflix” platform adopted the American comedian Adam Sandler this year and signed a long-term contract with him to produce his films through its platform, which brought him $ 41 million in 2020.

Will Smith ($ 44.5 million annually)

Will Smith succeeded in converting his social media accounts into a huge income method, so he took advantage of the Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube platforms to produce exclusive videos and programs for them.

Lin-Manuel Miranda ($ 45.5 million annually)

Latino theater artist, Lyn-Manuel Miranda, is a strange outsider on the list, but his famous private play on New York’s Broadway stage was sold to Disney to produce as a blockbuster movie.

Akshay Kumar ($ 48.5 million annually)

Kumar has become the only Bollywood star on the rich list, thanks to a new huge series he is working on with the “Amazon” platform, but his income comes largely from sponsorship contracts and his own products.

Vin Diesel ($ 54 million annually)

The famous American superstar, famous for his muscular muscles, has made more than 50 million dollars this year, thanks to his work as a producer of the cartoon version of the famous movie “Fast and Furious”.

Ben Affleck ($ 55 million a year)

Affleck’s return to the cinema with two films brought him back to the list of millionaires.

Mark Wahlberg ($ 58 million a year)

Wahlberg succeeded in making a strong comeback with a Netflix movie, which was very popular, and he also entered millions of people by producing a number of documentary series.

Ryan Reynolds ($ 71.5 million annually)

Canadian actor Reynolds has racked up tens of millions thanks to his Netflix movies.

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” ($ 87.5 million annually)

For the second year in a row, the former wrestler “The Rock” topped the list of the richest actors, and approached $ 90 million, thanks to his overwhelming popularity that drives production companies to pay huge sums for contracting with him, in addition to a sports contract with “Under Armor”.


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