Leipzig coach: We can’t do anything about Mbappe’s speed


Julian Nagelsmann, the German coach of Leipzig, stressed the importance of team play when confronting Paris Saint-Germain French, tomorrow Tuesday.

PSG faces its counterpart LeipzigAt the “Al Noor” stadium, in the Champions League semi-finals.

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Nagelsmann said, in statements to “DAZN”: “Teamwork is important, first and foremost, we have to make sure that we prevent the balls from reaching the depth of our defense. We have already come to an idea of ​​how to close these spaces.”

The young German coach added: “The goal is to realize the amount of pressure the ball carrier has, yet the opponent has an incredible individual quality, especially high speed.”

He continued, “At some point they cannot be stopped. A player like Mbappe is running faster than you by one kilometer per hour. You cannot do anything about it.”

“I think we can hurt the opponent more if the ball is in our favor, and we will then want to create a lot of opportunities,” he said.


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