Lebanese security stops Valerie Abu Chakra’s wedding


7 hours ago

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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Lebanese media, Yemeni Shri, revealed that the security forces in Lebanon stopped Saturday the wedding of Miss Lebanon for the year 2015, Valery Abu Shaqra Al-Qafs, from businessman Ziad Ammar, due to the measures of embargo and social separation imposed due to the Corona pandemic.

In her official account on Twitter, Yamna tweeted: “The gendarmerie enforces the law and stops Valery Abu Shakra’s wedding! A terrible situation in the night of life, and the gallery is not worthy of anything but good, but I wish you would come to Thalatta or for the four.

And Shri said in a previous tweet: “Look, Valerie Abu Shakra’s wedding, from Bkerke now on Instagram !! A thousand congratulations, and she is one of the girls who love so much, but we, why are we sitting at home ?? in closing the country and to prevent gatherings or loyalty ??! In Corona and procedures or not? !! ”

The Information Office of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Brigadier General Mohamed Fahmy, issued a statement saying: “Those who wish to hold weddings are warned to continue with them during the days that are subject to complete closure, in which it is strictly forbidden to hold any kind of parties and parties, including wedding.”

The statement added: “Consequently, any permission from any authority or authority is absolutely prohibited, provided that the minutes of arrest records are violated against the decision issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities on the measures and measures taken to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic.”

It is worth noting that the Lebanese Ministry of Health granted exceptions to revive a number of weddings, in clear contrast to the decision of the Ministry of Interior.


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