‘Lebanese and Pride’ Association explains: No clip was deleted from the song ‘Ya Beirut’


“Lebanese and Pride” Association explains: No clip of “Ya Beirut” was deleted

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“Lebanese and Pride” Association explains: No clip of “Ya Beirut” was deleted

The “Lebanese and Proud” Association, which organized the “Karmalik Ya Watan” festival, announced that it denounces and is surprised by the malicious and misleading campaign on social media, with the aim of offending the ceremony it organized on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Lebanese army and undermining its success.
The association added that it is interested in explaining that: “No clip of” Ya Beirut “song by the able artist Magda Al-Roumi was performed by the choir group during the ceremony with two sound technology, meaning that half of the choir chanted it and the other half replaced it with an audio rhythm.
The “Lebanese and Pride” association asserts that if the goal was to delete any clip of the song, it would not have been originally included in the lyric repertoire. The association states that the ceremony is a tribute to the Lebanese army and thanked for its national role in protecting Lebanon and preserving the safety of its people.
She added that it was “clear in the speech of the president of the Lebanese Association” and I am proud “Mr. Fadi Fayyad at the front of the ceremony, how much interest and support the association has for the freedoms and dreams of the emerging generations that want Lebanon first and foremost and want one color that symbolizes the country is the color of the Lebanese flag.
The Association thanked the elite artists who participated in the ceremony and delivered a resounding message to all the Lebanese at home and abroad, which created a comprehensive national sense and a complete convolution of all Lebanese around the military establishment on its


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