Leaks reveal new details about the upcoming Motorola MOTO RAZR 2 2020 phone


Sultan Al-Qahtani wrote this topic – the Moto RAZR 2020 phone returns to the lights today before the upcoming official announcement, as the latest leaks review more details about the Motorola’s second version of foldable phones with a clamshell design.

Motorola will hold the next event on September 9, to announce the new generation of Moto RAZR phones, and in the latest leaks that came via AT&T, photos of the phone were revealed from the user’s guide, which reviews the details of this version’s specifications.
The leaked images show that the Moto RAZR 2020 phone comes with the power button on the left side of the phone frame, while the volume control button on the right side comes to the top, and the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone also comes with the Motorola logo without change from the previous version.


Previous leaks indicated that Motorola will include a patent in this version, where the foldable screen will be integrated into a frame characterized by touch sensitivity to support the implementation of tasks according to the strength of touch, or gestures on the screen frame, as this feature is expected to support the implementation of up to 20 actions.

Also, the Moto RAZR 2020 will be launched with a Snapdragon 765G processor chip, with a random memory of 8 GB RAM, and a storage capacity of 256 GB, and the phone is also expected to include a 6.2-inch P-OLED screen, while the external screen comes in the size of 2.7 inches.

Motorola also supports the Moto RAZR 2020 phone with a new upgrade in the camera settings that comes with a 48-megapixel main sensor, with a 20-megapixel sensor for the front camera.



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