Launched next year .. Xiaomi works on its first phones with a hidden camera under the screen | Video


After Xiaomi announced the launch of the front camera technology under the screen next year, it presented a video showing the development of the promising technology.

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We monitored through the following report the full information of the new phone’s camera, which came as follows:

1- The front camera has been a source of concern for phone makers over the past years, so some companies, including Xiaomi, have provided a technology to make the front camera hidden under the screen, not within a cut in the screen, a hole in the screen, or even a popup.

2- Xiaomi will start manufacturing phones that contain the latest version of the technology, which it has been working on for a few years. And it has now reached the third generation of technology, noting that the first generation did not come out of the laboratory, and then the second was shown to the public at an earlier time, but it did not enter into production.

3- The pixel density issue was one of the most important problems facing companies, as in order for the camera to be able to capture clear images, the pixel density in the part of the screen above the camera must be sacrificed, making it different from the rest of the screen, and now Xiaomi says: It solved the problem.

4- “The self-developed pixel arrangement used in the third generation of Xiaomi’s bottom camera technology allows the screen to pass light through the sub-pixel gap region, allowing each individual pixel to retain the complete RGB sub-layout without sacrificing pixel density.”

5- The company says it has managed to effectively double the pixel density of competing technology and allow light to pass through to the camera, without sacrificing screen uniformity. And it looks good in the company’s videos.

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