Latifa announces the date for the showing of the song “Khalini”


Tunisian singer Latifa has announced the date of the showing of her new song “Khalini”.

Latifa shared the song to her audience, Promo, through her official Instagram account, and wrote: They approved the song “Khalini” next Thursday at 5 pm on my official YouTube channel.

“Khalini”, written by Yassin Al-Hamzawy, composed and arranged by Amin Khulousi, Ihab Limam’s guitar, Mohamed Al-Rizky’s solo keyboard, Tunisian percussion Jalal Al-Shawashi.

Latifa had announced the date of the release of her new song, “Red Al Bab and Gharb”, and stated that she would release it through the famous video clip “YouTube” as a gift to everyone who attended the last Tunis Festival.


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