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Her smile widened. Her bright white teeth appeared, two rows of pearls as people would say. She rebelled against the mouth that nature loved her and which was likened to Solomon’s seal. None of us saw this ring, but it was always used to denote the smallness of the beautiful woman, whose description was also said, “The mouth is like berries and the waist is sculpted.” Sometimes it crept into me a feeling that Laila Murad’s lips, with their distinctive redness and the way she painted them while at the height of her fame, fell under the attempts to rebel against the childish features and the slim body that appeared to them in their early days. A young woman, white, black hair, green eyes, she wanted to be charming in everything, especially her elegance. The lipstick highlighted her desire to assert her femininity, but it did not succeed in erasing the flickering hint of sadness in Laila’s shy eyes, who was afraid to face the audience on stage. The melancholy and paper were added to the sweetness of the voice, and the result was a legend in singing. She decided to retire and withdraw early from our life in 1955, when she was thirty-seven years old.
Days went by, others came, and in the last ten years, roughly, thick and plump lips have become one of the beauty standards that women seek. It is no longer enough to define and draw the lips on the Laila Murad method, and it has become easy to resort to injections and surgeries to get Angelina Jolie’s lips or Kim Kardashian’s mouth. Every era has its own icons of beauty, but the stars of the screen remained the role model. In earlier historical stages, recognition of beauty standards was done through the works of great painters such as Rubens in the Renaissance and his paintings depicting women with oval faces and lustful bodies, these were the features of those described as like the moon at the time, blondes with dresses that reveal stimulated breasts like Botticelli girls. We wander between the model Marie Antoinette and the Pharaonic princesses with their slender bodies and long legs, the Greeks with sporty bodies and the red lips, especially the Ghanaians. Then we move on to the twentieth century with its two world wars that changed the standards of beauty around the world, after the first war appeared a girl with short hair, buttocks and a flat back, but in the aftermath of the second war, Marilyn Monroe was crowned on the throne of sedition and seduction in all its terrain. During the two wars, lipstick was considered a symbol of liberation and strength, when men went to fight and women went to the work market and wore bold clothes sometimes or similar to men at other times, the focus was on their femininity by preserving lips appetizing cherries. Rather, Elizabeth Jordan issued a lipstick known as “red Victory, ” 1941, to match the color of female volunteers’ uniforms. Somewhere red lipstick is a title of the tragedy and bewilderment of women through the ages, even when it was evidence of a man’s betrayal and justified the presence of its effects on the collar of the shirt.
They are showing off. They try to run after the new look. They look at the beginnings of lines around the lips. Many are quick to erase the small marks of time that are centered on the top of the forehead or around the mouth. Sensitive areas, the skin is thin, and it refers to what is silent, to the life span that society has set for it and which you are deceiving in order to bypass it. Some of them go to doctors and beauty rooms to ask and wish: I want a small, straight nose, an exaggerated mouth, and a solid, bumpy back. In recent times, it is not only “whites” who set beauty indicators, but Latin people and people of color have had ample luck. The internationally defined standards of beauty have become more prevalent due to electronic media and social networks, as they are no longer limited to the cinema or television screen, statues and drawings, but there are Instagram pictures, for example that make many and many look to Kim Kardashian as the dream of men and women alike, after If the standards of the “Barbie” bride were the desired beauty in the 1990s.
Everything changes and we are panting behind this change, we strive to be just one thing among many other things. All these thoughts came to me while I was sitting in front of the TV screen watching a famous singer, contouring her lips with different powders to enlarge her and becoming like a vampire Dracula, especially after she smelled her eyebrows and darkened them to increase their density. I remember the last time I put on lipstick, months before the ban, the muzzle and the consequences of the Corona, we are in the time of muzzling, stomach and lip plumping. I smiled painfully as my imagination drifted into this wonderful little city, on the Mediterranean coast, where it was defining the parameters and standards of beauty in the Arab world in recent years. It was demolished and could no longer breathe under the rubble and ashes. . The smile widened, but did not dispel the sadness.


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