King Imobili … from failure in Germany to the throne of Europe’s scorer


A few years ago, Italian striker Shiro Imobili failed in his first professional experience outside the borders of Italy, and raised many criticisms through statements that involve some insult to life in Germany, but during the past few years he made a prominent name for himself until he crowned himself king on the throne of the scorers. In Italy and Europe.

Imobili crowned top scorer for the Italian league this season, which ends on Sunday, and proved to be a restless goal machine, scoring 36 goals, to become the most Italian player to score goals in one season.

Imobili also equaled the record for the number of goals scored by any player in the competition during one season, which was achieved by the Argentine Gigalzalo Higuain 4 years ago.

This was enough for Imobili to win the Golden Boot award for the best scorer in the European continent this season, beating many of the leading scorers in the various leagues in the continent.

This is the first time that Imobili sits on the throne of the continent’s top scorer, so this is the most remarkable achievement in his football career so far.

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