Khas Gul … a quadripartite Saudi struggle to contract with Ahmed Al-Dossary


Private sources revealed to Goal that goalkeeper Ahmed Al-Dossary, goalkeeper of Kuwaiti Khaitan Club, has had many serious offers in the Saudi Professional League during the current period.

According to sources close to the guard, who has Saudi nationality, Al-Dossary has offers from the capital’s trio, next to one of the Qassim clubs.

The sources confirmed that the guard has not yet decided his position, as the coming weeks are expected to witness the entry of negotiations into new stages.

The young guard with good technical capabilities has an important advantage that facilitates contracting with him, which is possession of Saudi nationality, as he is from a Saudi father but resides in Kuwait.

Kuwait’s national coach, Thamer Inad, had previously tried to include Al-Dossari for the Kuwaiti team before the Gulf Cup 24 competitions, but he was shocked that he did not possess Kuwaiti nationality.

Al-Dossary had previously denied signing to Al-Hilal Club last January, and he tweeted at the time on his Twitter account, saying: “It was reported in a local newspaper that I signed 3 years to Al-Hilal. With my contractor, and after the end of the Corona pandemic, we will reveal where the destination is. ”

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Al-Dossary is one of the people with distinguished capabilities in Kuwaiti football, and he presents an interesting level with his club Khaitan.


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