Kentucky Fried Chicken is giving up its famous slogan … for this reason!


The huge Kentucky Food Company (KFC) announced that it has discontinued its slogan “the thrill of finger licking”, taking into account current health advice on hygiene, due to the Corona virus epidemic.
The company said, “We found that we were in a strange situation because our slogan did not match the current atmosphere.”

The company has changed its packaging bearing the logo, but has said it will return it when the time is right.
KFC had revealed the new look in a video clip on YouTube, showing the logo being hidden in its banners and food packages, saying, “This is something that we always say, ignore it now.”
Some people commented on social media, saying that the slogan was not dangerous to health, because we are already eating with our hands.
But the finger-licking slogan caused fear after the outbreak. The Authority for Maintaining Levels of Publicity and Advertising has received 163 complaints about KFC television advertisements in which people are shown licking their fingers.

The complainants said that the propaganda is not responsible, because – in their view – it may increase the chances of the spread of Covid-19. Then KFC withdrew the publicity.
KFC, founded by Harland Saunders in the 1930s, opened its first franchise outlet in the 1950s, and has been using the finger-licking logo since then.
It abandoned the logo in the 1990s and brought it back again in 2008.
There are 22,500 outlets for the company around the world, including 900 in Britain and Ireland. Yum owns KFC, along with Pizza Hut as well.


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