Keep in mind … fake Corona apps using Android to steal users’ data


Kaspersky researchers have warned of two dangerous applications that could infect your smartphone with dangerous malware, as Android smartphones are among the most popular mobile devices around the world, which makes them at the same time more vulnerable to piracy and hacking and makes them a great target for many hackers. .

According to the researchers, the apps are distributed by the India-based company Transparent Tribe, which can allow hackers to spy on your smartphone, as the first app is a modified version of a porn app, which displays adult video as a source of distraction, and at the same time, it is similar by name. The official Covid-19 tracking app.

Once downloaded, the apps try to install another Android Package file – a modified version of AhMyth Android Remote Access Tool (RAT).

Kaspersky researchers explained: “The modified version of the malware differs in functionality from the standard version, and includes new features added by attackers to improve data extraction, while some basic features such as stealing images from the camera are missing.”

The researchers said: “The application is able to download new applications on the phone, access SMS messages, the microphone, and call logs, track the location of the device and enumerate and upload files to an external server from the phone.”

Based on the results, the researchers urge users to be careful about the applications they download, as Kaspersky’s chief security researcher Giampaolo Didula advised: “To stay protected from such threats, users need to be more careful than ever in evaluating the sources they are doing. By downloading content from them and making sure their devices are safe, he said, “This is especially important for those who know they might become a target of an APT attack.”

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