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Since the first day of the October 17 revolution, the people’s rising voice has been calling for early parliamentary elections after losing confidence in this worn out authority, and the House of Representatives, which instead of exercising its oversight and accountability role, participated through its absence from the act of the conspiracy that brought Lebanon and the people to the bottom.

Day after day, the importance of the demand for early parliamentary elections is being revealed, and the popular demands calling for a total change from the legislative authority to the top of the hierarchy are increasing.

And in a poll conducted by Kataeb.org entitled “Do you support going immediately to early parliamentary elections?” Support was overwhelming, with 81% yes, 19% no.

Only eight deputies out of 128 had the courage to reject the status quo and submitted their resignation from the House, raising the fig paper about parliament and about failure and impotence, perhaps the remaining 120 do not feel that they are Lebanese and do not understand the language spoken by most of the people or simply stifle their ears, neglecting their personal interests and their shares. On the interests of the country and its people.

Yes, the Lebanese want early parliamentary elections. Listen to the people, even once, before it is too late!

Source: Kataeb.org


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