Kaftoun’s horrific crime … New and important information revealed!


A suicide bombing carried out by a suspect in a security incident that killed 3 people in the town of Kaftoun renewed fears that sleeper cells belonging to extremist organizations in Lebanon could exploit situations of security vacuum or preoccupation to restore their activity, which security sources deny, reassuring that “the success that is The Lebanese authorities achieved it in terms of preventive security. It is still effective and has the full ability to maintain stability. ”

Judicial sources explained to Asharq Al-Awsat that “the wanted person who blew himself up yesterday is a 40-year-old Syrian, and the Lebanese judiciary had passed a judgment against him on charges of belonging to the (ISIS) organization, and he served his sentence in prison.” Noting that “the other wanted person, who was handed over by the Palestinian security forces to the Lebanese authorities at dawn on Sunday, also had extremist tendencies.”

The sources indicated that the investigations that expanded into the Kaftun crime, have proven that two cars were accompanying the car that transported the four wanted men who fired at the municipal guard in Kaftun, and it is suspected that one of those cars transported the perpetrators of the killing to a safe place. The sources asserted that these “were planning to carry out a terrorist act before they clashed with the municipal guards, which prevented them from carrying out the operation” without making sure of the nature of the operation, leaving the matter to the investigations.

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