Jordan championships resume on Monday without an audience


The Jordan Football League competitions will resume tomorrow after a five-month hiatus due to the new # Corona virus, following the establishment of the first stage.

The league was launched at the beginning of March, but the competitions were suspended for two weeks after the first stage, pending an agreement on the financial demands of the clubs, before the outbreak of “Covid-19” prevented its completion.

The 12 clubs participating in the league continue to compete for the title in the absence of the fans and according to strict precautionary measures taken by the local game federation, and approved by the epidemiological committee specialized in managing the file “Covid-19” in the Kingdom.

The second stage will start on Monday by hosting the units for its Salt counterpart at the Amman International Stadium, while Al-Hassan Stadium witnesses Irbid’s meeting with Al-Ahly.

The units top the ranking with three points, with goals difference from Al-Sareeh, Sahab and Maan, in front of Al-Hussein, Al-Jazeera, Al-Faisaly and Al-Ramtha with one point, Al-Baqa’a and Al-Salt and Jordan Youth and Al-Ahli without points.

Al-Faisaly, last season’s champion, holds the record number of titles (34 times), followed by Al-Wehdat (16 times).

A catastrophic red streak and beware what awaits us in the fall!


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