John Elton celebrates his 30th birthday in addiction: I was going to die – with pictures


Celebrated the British starElton JohnWith the passage of 30 years of his addiction to drug use and drinking alcohol, as he published through his personal page on a social networking site pictures of celebration of this occasion, in which a candy bar in the form of No. 30 appeared, in addition to some of the messages he received for this occasion.
He attached the photos to a comment that said: “On the most charming day, I celebrated my triennial birthday.” He added, “Many beautiful cards, flowers and chips from my son David, my friends in the program, and the staff at the office and at home. I am really a lucky man.”
He continued: “I would have died if I hadn’t taken the last step and asked for help 30 years ago, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


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