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Joe Biden will soon reveal the name of the candidate who will occupy the position of Vice President of the United States if he beats Donald Trump in November.

After promising to announce his choice “in the first week of August,” after months of anticipation, the former US vice president jokingly said that it was difficult for him to receive the candidates while the journalists were standing in front of his house.

But Frieka reviews behind the scenes the last competing names, and communicates with them over the phone or online in light of the Covid 19 crisis.

The list of female candidates has narrowed in recent weeks in light of the unprecedented sequence of events that accompany this election campaign.

After a diversified, Democratic primary, the 77-year-old has vowed to choose a woman, who will be the first vice president in US history.

Since George Floyd’s death suffocated after a white policeman stabbed his neck for about eight minutes, pressure has grown on him to choose a black candidate.

Kamala Harris, 55, is at the forefront of expectations.

And Tuesday, the words “talented” and “great respect for her” were taken under the name Harris in the notebook of Joe Biden that he had in his hand in front of photographers, which raised expectations about the Senator from California.

The biography of this immigrant-haired woman from Jamaica and India doubles her chances.

However, its past as a public prosecutor and the measures it took at the time, and that, according to its critics, affected minorities in particular, are in their disadvantage.

During her participation in the Democratic primary, she failed to score well in opinion polls among African-American voters, a key group for her party, before she withdrew in December.

Some of Biden’s allies did not forget her surprise attack on him during a debate, although she called him a friend.
There are two other names that are being discussed in recent days.

The first is Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser, and she worked with Biden while they were in the White House.

However, this 55-year-old African American, who infuriates Trump’s team, has never been involved in cruel election campaigns.

As for Representative Karen Pace, 66, she runs the influential group of black representatives in Congress, and she led the drafting of a police reform bill, named after George Floyd.

However, Republicans may take advantage of their positions in the context of their efforts to portray Joe Biden as a “puppet” in the hands of the “radical left”.

The moment when the candidate is nominated as Vice President is very important to Joe Biden. It is a major event traditionally in the context of US presidential campaigns.

Biden will be the oldest president in US history if he wins, and he has hinted that he will not run for a second term.

Accordingly, David Parker, a professor of political science at American University, considered the decision “more important than usual because the character who will be chosen has the opportunity to be a candidate for Democrats after four years.”

In addition, the seventieth candidate had announced that he wanted someone “willing to be president from day one.”

Biden spends most of his time at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, due to the epidemic crisis.

This prevents him from campaigning and causes him to lead a silent campaign that is being ridiculed by Trump supporters.

But he leads Donald Trump in opinion polls because of how the latter managed the Covid-19 crisis.

The name he will choose alongside him in the election battle will increase his chances of winning ahead of the Democrats’ conference (between 17 and 20 August), which he will officially name as a candidate for the Democrats.

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