Jeff Bezos sells $ 3 billion in Amazon stock


The latest data of the American e-commerce giant Amazon at the Stock Exchange showed that the founder and CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos, sold a share of its shares worth $ 3.1 billion.
According to the data, Bezos sold about 1 million shares worth $ 3.1 billion. After the tax deduction, the world’s richest man will receive $ 2.4 billion in the deal.Bezos’ fortune, according to Forbes Economics, is currently estimated at $ 188 billion.

After selling these shares, Bezos’s share in the company will drop to about 54.5 million shares, valued at approximately $ 174.64 billion.

In February Bezos sold $ 1.7 billion of Amazon shares.

The sale of these shares came at a time when the share price of Amazon increased by more than 73 percent during the current year.

Bezos announced in 2017 that it intends to sell $ 1 billion in stocks annually in Amazon to fund the space exploration company Blue Oregon.


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