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Posted: Sunday, 2 August 2020 – 5: 15 | Last update: Sunday, August 2, 2020 – 15:49

        This evening's Shahid platform presents the last episodes of the short series "Al-Harami", which takes place in 10 episodes, each of which is 10 minutes long.<p>Author Ahmed Fawzi Saleh revealed in his interview a few days ago with that he quoted the story from an article he had read about a thief who was living with a family and did not want to leave because he felt that he was living in his family.

Hiwar- Ahmad Fawzi Saleh: Short episodes are a challenge and “Grand Theft” is the most appropriate idea

We searched for the true story that dates back to the year 2002, according to a report written by journalist Rania Ismail to the newspaper “Al-Hayat” about an incident that occurred in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and below we review the most important details.

40 Lily Wilde
The true story hero bears the name Kamal, the same name as the hero of the series, which embodies his role, Ahmed Dash, and he was a twenty-year-old young man fleeing from one of the orphanages, and searched for a residence until he settled on the roof of a mobile phone store in one of the high-end areas of Damascus, and he got A job in a vegetable market.

The young man’s life continued at the same pace, and one day, curiosity prompted him to sneak into the garden of the next house and enter through the kitchen door, where he found his misfortune, which he was looking for long; Abundant food, a family of father and mother, 3 girls and lots of family stories.

The thief decided to stay at home and hide in the kitchen “sandal”, and lived with the family for 40 days before discovering his matter, as he loved eating the pickle in the fridge, and his appetite for food was greater than the rest of the five family members, which made the mother feel that the food stock in The house was running out quickly, but she thought it was due to her three teenage girls’ teenage and that their appetite for food increased.

The hidden guest recounted in his confessions that he loved his new life until he volunteered at once to wash the dirty dishes in the kitchen, which prompted the mother to pay tribute to her daughters thinking that they had done so, and he was following the family’s stories, details and secrets, and almost more than once that he intervened to solve problems between family members If not for his fear of being exposed.

After his arrest, the thief confirmed that he did not intend to steal any belongings from the house, because he considered himself among his family with whom he spent 40 days, and they left money and jewelry in the kitchen, but he did not consider stealing it, and that his residence would have extended for a longer period if he had not committed The mistake he exposed.

The end of the dream
The youngest daughter discovered the presence of the thief upon entering the kitchen and seeing him, when he found calm prevailing in the place, he left the “sandalwood”, thinking that the family was out of the house to stay up late Thursday night, and tried to calm the 13-year-old girl and treated her with familiarity by virtue of his knowledge throughout the past days, but The girl rushed to inform her father who was sitting on his personal computer.

The thief fled while the father called the police to report him, and after hours the fugitive returned to the area because of his longing, to be arrested, and despite his insistence during the investigations that he did not want to steal because it is impossible to steal his family, but the Syrian authorities found after reviewing his security file , That he had the motives to carry out greater theft, and was referred to court for trial.

Al-Harami in the series “Al-Harami”
The adventure of the young Syrian thief was dealt with moderation in the series “Al-Harami” while preserving the basic textures of the original story, where Ahmed Dash embodies the role of an orphan teenager working in a garage, and together with his colleague form a gang to steal the apartments, they go together to an apartment in a high-end neighborhood, but The family returns them home, Kamal fails to escape and remains stuck for a week, during which time he was associated with the family consisting of the mother and father and three girls, the youngest of whom is in pre-school, and he knew about the family’s problems and even decided to help solve the problem of the eldest daughter.

It is mentioned that the series “Al-Harami” is a work of the original Shahid platform, produced by Amir Ibrahim Shawky, and addressed and supervised by the writing team Ahmed Fawzi Saleh, a screenplay and dialogue by Mohamed Barakat with participation in writing the dialogue from Menna Al-Qaei and Norhan Imad, directed by Mohamed Salama, and starring Rania Youssef, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Dash, Rana Rais, Caroline Azmy, Abdel-Rahman Al-Qalioubi and Baby Birla.

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