Is there a health disaster soon ?!


The Corona pandemic besieges the children of the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, as their chronic health, social and living suffering multiplied, as did the Lebanese people in their various regions, sects and ideologies, causing them to mourn under “extreme poverty” as a result of the economic and financial collapse and the high dollar and prices, while agency “UNRWA” is trying to impose a fait accompli policy on the basis of “Al-Ain Insight and Short Hand”, under the pretext of the worsening financial deficit in its budget, away from the Palestinian calls to provide them with health and social protection.Palestinian sources confirmed to the “Bulletin” that the “Popular Committees” monitored the recording of injuries in Lebanon’s camps, starting from the south, passing through the capital Beirut, and reaching the north, where several cases were recorded in the camps: Rashidiyeh and Al-Bus (case), North Tower (case). ), Mar Elias (case), Burj al-Barajneh and Nahr al-Bared, who are awaiting PCR examinations today to determine the final number, and before that in the “Galilee” camp in Bekaa, which raises the alarm of the outbreak due to the narrowing of spaces, the cohesion of houses and the overcrowding.

Abu Ayad Shaalan, secretary of the “Palestinian Popular Committees” in Lebanon, told Al-Nashra, “We have detected in the Palestinian camps about 60 cases of the virus so far, distributed in various areas of their presence from south to north, meaning that they have become deep in the camps after they were It stands at its doors, which indicates the seriousness of the situation and the need to raise the state of health alert and awareness and take preventive measures, because the situation does not augur well. ”

And he affirms, “We are trying to do our utmost to accommodate this wave of pandemic, and in urging the people of the camps to adhere to the preventive measures in various ways, including wearing” masks “and social spacing sterilization and hygiene, as it is the first line of defense to address this” hidden enemy “, but unfortunately it does not exceed The commitment rate is 20% inside the camps, which may constitute a real health disaster in the coming stage and soon, if the situation continues like this.

Shaalan said that the “Popular Committees” are mobilized in the camps and are in constant coordination with the health “crisis cell” headed by the head of the health department at the UNRWA agency, Dr. Abdel Hakim Shana, and with the Palestinian Red Crescent and UNRWA, in cooperation with the Ministry Lebanese health and the Lebanese Red Cross teams to deal with any injury or suspicion, “concluding,” we feel the imminent danger and warn of a health disaster soon. ”

Mobilization and processing

Since the beginning of the crisis of the epidemic in Lebanon last February, the Palestinian forces announced a health alert, and held at the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Beirut under the supervision of Ambassador Ashraf Dabour, a series of meetings that concluded to form a “health crisis cell” to follow the developments of the pandemic, in coordination with health institutions Palestinian refugee camps, so a health isolation center was established in “Siblin” with the support of the “Doctors Without Borders” organization, an isolation center in the “School Group” in Ain al-Hilweh, and another in the hospital of the late President Yasser Arafat in Al-Bous camp, parallel steps “Al-Hamshari” Hospital in Sidon, affiliated with the “Palestinian Red Crescent Society”, steps forward, where it was equipped with a device to conduct PCR examinations, which helped reduce the burden on the Lebanese Ministry of Health, as it performs an examination and confirms the result before sending the patient to Beirut Hospital The university government, while work is still going on to allocate the fifth floor to receive the affected cases after separating the entrance and providing it with a private elevator, and the establishment of two isolation rooms at the entrance to the “emergency” to examine the suspected cases to protect the medical and nursing staff and patients in the hospital.

The director of the hospital, Dr. Riyadh Abu Al-Enein, confirms, “We expected the worst from the start … So the right decision was to be ready for any emergency,” explaining that “Al-Hamshari” Hospital is the only one who took the decision to prepare it to receive cases of “Corona” in case the situation worsens More, work is ongoing by the Crescent and with full coverage from the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Lebanon and at the instigation of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen” and keeping pace with Ambassador Dabour, as we are working on preparing an entire floor of the building that can accommodate 24 patients “and includes an intensive care room that can accommodate 6 patients.”

Dr. Abu Al-Enain explains, “The matter was not limited to reception, as we repeatedly entered as a Palestinian Red Crescent, in cooperation with UNRWA” in conducting checks in a number of camps, and the results were issued on the same day to take appropriate quick decisions if they were positive. “Stressing the importance of The role played by Palestinian health institutions in the camps, especially the “Red Crescent”, which also undertakes awareness-raising campaigns, distributing sterilization materials, and conducting sessions for volunteer teams, especially the “first responders team” that reports any infected cases among the people in the camps.

A living crisis

The Corona pandemic has compounded the suffering of the camp-dwellers who live in a remarkable and rapid decline, as the camps lived in less than one year as a group of consecutive and suffocating crises, chronicling their negative repercussions on their children.

Sami Hammoud, director of the “Thabet for the Right of Return” organization, stresses that “the most dangerous in light of these crises is what UNRWA is trying to impose a fait accompli policy under the pretext of financial deficit,” saying that “the extent of the movement of the UNRWA” towards Finding solutions to the financial crisis is timid compared to its local mobility in Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon, to justify its downsizing measures and imposing a fait accompli policy on Palestinian refugees. The dangerous thing is that UNRWA is trying to deceive some with this “transparency” in presenting and discussing issues before the Palestinian community, In gain of a favorable position or silence on any decision that reduces services.


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