Iranian stores in Venezuela … suspicious military purposes and circumventing sanctions


A Persian-language opposition newspaper considered that the inauguration of a chain of stores in Iran in the Venezuelan capital Caracas is a front for the implementation of suspicious military purposes and money laundering operations between the two countries.

Atka, the Iranian army’s chain of stores, opened its first branch, called Megasis, in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, last Wednesday.

The Iranian Ministry of Defense claimed that these stores were opened to increase non-oil exports and assist national production, as the country faces a difficult economic situation due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The British-based opposition newspaper, Kayhan London, revealed on Sunday that the “Megasis” chain of stores has more than 2500 items of Iranian goods, including food, clothing, cellulose, detergents, plastic, consumer, nuts and snacks. , Tractors, etc.

Tehran claimed that it had received various requests from Iranian merchants to supply other local commodities such as building materials, agricultural and mining equipment, medical equipment and supplies, automobiles, spare parts, tractors, car batteries, fittings and valves.

Kayhan London stated in its report that the Iranian “Megases” chain store sells its goods in the circulated international currencies, while Hajjullah Sultani, Tehran’s ambassador to Venezuela, implicitly acknowledged during the opening ceremony that the main goal of opening the first branch of these stores in Caracas is to circumvent the US sanctions imposed On the two countries.

The new cooperation between Tehran and Caracas is likely to be a way to circumvent US sanctions and money laundering by the governments of the two countries.

Cooperation between Iran and Venezuela could pose a potential security threat to Washington given Tehran’s transfer of military technology to Caracas, according to the report.

The site of the first branch in Latin America of the “Megasis” store was formerly one of the main centers of the Venezuelan emergency food program, and the building is now a branch of the Iranian “Atka” organization store in Caracas.

Some of the goods on display at “Megasis”, which covers an area of ​​6 thousand square meters, including tractors, are produced by the Iranian armed forces and its subsidiaries.

And the US State Department considered that the opening of an Iranian store in Venezuela indicates the coalition of pariah countries, stressing that the presence of Iran in Venezuela is not desirable because of its support for terrorism.

“Iran wants to be present in Venezuela irresponsibly to sell the goods there, while this country has no money to pay,” said Michael Kozak, Acting Deputy Director of the Western Hemisphere at the US State Department.

The US diplomat stressed that Iran will not save Venezuela from its current situation, but with these games it will put Caracas in a more dangerous situation, “according to the Iranian International station, speaking Persian from Britain.


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