Insulting the administration may write the end of Conte with Inter


Launch Antonio ConteInter Milan coach, a fierce attack on the management of the club after winning 2 clean goals against rival Atlanta, and ending The Italian League In the run-up to only one point for a team Juventus, Which suggests that its end may be imminent.

La Gazzetta dello Sport and La Repubblica speculated that Italian coach Antonio Conte would not remain in his position next season after he strongly rebuked Inter’s comments in his statements to Sky Sports after the meeting last night.

Coach Antonio Conte stated: “It was a very difficult year on a personal level, I do not think that the players got the recognition they deserved, nor did I get the appreciation, and I found a weak defense from the club.”

The Italian coach added: “We must develop at all levels, especially outside the stadium, and the players must be protected more, and we will discuss that after the season ends. I must meet the club president, but he is in China now.”

“We endured dirt during months without any protection, I watched an interview with Spalletti (the former team coach) in 2017 and we are now in 2020 and nothing has changed, I am not talking about the transfer market,” added Juventus, Chelsea and former Italy coach.

Football Italy explained Antonio Conte’s words that he complained about leaking news of the dressing room to the media and publishing false information, which Spalletti had previously complained about.


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