Instagram mimics Tik Tok … and launches a video feature with visual effects


The launch of the “Rails” feature similar to the “Tik Tok” application on the “Instagram” platform, with the aim of attracting young people, within days of the US President’s insistence that the “Tik Tok” application should be sold to a US company.

  • Instagram launches Rails to make 15-second short videos

Facebook announced the launch of the new “Rails” feature for short and entertaining videos on its Instagram platform, a service very similar to the application “Tik Tok”, which attracted a wide audience of young people, and threatened US President Donald Trump to ban it.

As Tik Tok allows, Rails allows you to publish and share video recordings, to show them to users whose domain is not limited to the circle of friends and followers, “providing everyone with the opportunity to become a content maker on Instagram, and to communicate their posts to new audiences on the global stage,” according to what Facebook announced in a statement.

After experiencing this feature since November in Brazil, and then in France and Germany since June, this new format will be implemented today, Wednesday, in 50 countries from the United States to Australia, through Britain, India and Japan.

Instagram users will find a new tab, allowing them to add visual effects and music, while switching between the 15-second short videos recorded on a smartphone.

The new feature shares the same principle with Tik Tok, which was launched two years ago and has achieved great international success, thanks to its light and comical publications.

In June, Vishal Shah, director of products at Instagram, said that the company “was not the first to create the events tape, and we were not the first to create story formats, and of course we are not the first to create short-term videos.”

And 3.14 billion people use the applications owned by the giant US network “Facebook”, whose economic model relies on personal data, which is based on creating files for consumers and selling targeted ads on a large scale.

The application “Tik Tok” has achieved a large audience in recent months, especially in the stage of home quarantine, and has crossed the threshold of one billion users, emulating that of “Instagram”.

President Donald Trump has waved a ban on “Tik Tok” in the United States, if not Make a deal Sell ​​to a US company by September 15th.


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