Including a deputy killed after two planes collided!


Officials in the US state of Alaska said that a collision between two planes in the air in the city of Anchorage, on Friday, resulted in the death of seven people, including a state representative who was driving one of the two planes.

Alaska state forces said there were no survivors of the accident near the airport in Solidotna on the Kenai Peninsula.

Gary Knop was the deputy representing the region alone in one of the two planes. State forces said the other plane was carrying four South Carolina tourists, a guide and a pilot.
The plane’s wreckage was strewn on a highway that authorities had briefly shut down due to fear for the safety of the people.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Authority are investigating the accident.

The last air crash in Alaska occurred in May 2019 near Ketchikan. Six people were killed when two planes carrying passengers on a cruise ship collided. Ten survivors were rescued at the accident site.

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