In turn, Al-Ibrahim separates from her husband after only 6 months and reveals surprises .. this is what he was doing with her!


The Saudi beauty expert, Al-Brahim, announced that she separated from her husband after a marriage that lasted only six months.

She appeared in the role of Al-Brahim with a video via “Snapchat”, monitored by “Watan”. At the beginning, she expressed her longing for her fans, who were deprived of him because of her marriage, and the conditions of her husband “jealous.”

And she said, “I got away from the social media photo and video, and I was going to continue with you with the sound, but I was also surprised that it prevents me from that, and I was surprised by other things.”

And Bodour continued: “I was always in touch with you for 7 years, and you were part of me as my family, but I had to close the communication via the private one, and this affected my psyche and the psyche of my followers, my family and my children, and my family that missed me.”

She noted the role of Al-Ibrahim that her separation has not yet been formalized, but it is under implementation, adding: “I sacrificed and worked for me but there is no share, and as I showed you my marriage contract, I will show you a divorce deed.”

She continued: “I do not feel shy, and I am not afraid, I found myself in my monastery and among my children, I could not bear the weirdness, and when I weighed the scale I found that the cuff does not weigh for this person, and it is not worth me to complete with him, God bless him.”

And Brahim directed advice to celebrities like her not to announce their marriage, so that they do not have to announce their separation later, confirming that divorce is not a shame and not shy about it, adding: “When you cut a relationship, cut it from its roots, and do not watch the other party, to complete your life naturally and the hook is empty ”

She continued: “I learned from my mistake that someone who wants me accepts me as I am, and I needed someone who would support me in my work, and you may be surprised that I revealed my face, I did not cover it from the ground, I wanted my husband’s satisfaction just like any wife.”

She added: “I found it contradictory, to cover my face in Saudi Arabia and reveal it outside, what is the matter different? I had embarrassed situations because of the Syed, and frankly, I did not live the life of the Master Syed. ”

Badour indicated that she rushed into the decision of her marriage, and she was in blind condition as it was, and she said: “When I conducted a blood test as a routine procedure, he told me that if you have an infectious or serious disease or whatever the result of the analysis I will marry you in any case.”

The most recent appearance of the role of Al-Brahim was when she confessed that she spent astronomical sums while spending her honeymoon in France.

And she published the role of Al-Brahim at the time, during which she expressed her remorse for spending her entire dowry, which is estimated at one million riyals on shopping only.

“During a discussion with my friends and my family, I don’t know what I said,” said Bedour Al-Brahim, covering her face. “They told me that you are a million dying people. I told them a million salvation. I spent everything in them and sent money to factories and products.”

Badour expressed remorse, saying: “Oh God, do not punish us for what we did in France, I feel remorse for everything I bought.”

Al-Brahim had announced her marriage contract to a Saudi man who did not reveal his identity, and surprised the followers at that time with a copy of the marriage contract, which revealed that her dowry is one million Saudi riyals.

After her marriage, Badour announced that she would not appear on the social media platforms in their entirety, explaining that it is possible to show her eyes only, and he prayed to God to confirm this decision.


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