In the video, Madeleine Tabar falls into a crying hysterical fit


The Lebanese singer Madeleine Tabar fell into a fit of crying and collapse while presenting her episode of “Sweet Ya Dunya” on the Ten channel. The reason for her collapse comes after her talk in the introduction to the episode about the disaster of the Beirut port explosion that occurred last week in the center of the Lebanese capital.

In her introduction, Madeleine emphasized that Egypt was one of the first countries to provide aid to Lebanon after the disaster occurred, which caused more than 300,000 people on the street, in addition to the wounded and deaths.

Madeleine explained that the Beirut explosion is similar to the Hiroshima disaster. Were it not for half of the explosives to leave the sea, all of Lebanon was completely wiped out, relying on the incident “Piroshima”.


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