In the presence of “Hosni and Al-Asaily,” Yasser Al-Hariri celebrates his return to his wife after 12 years of separation


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Yesterday evening, Saturday, on one of the beaches of the North Coast, the famous DJ Yasser Al Hariri, celebrated his wedding again to his wife, the beauty expert Iman Al-Eid, after a 12-year separation.

The concert was performed by the star Tamer Hosni, Mahmoud Al-Asaily, Muhammad Nour and Mustafa Hajjaj.

Tamer and Al-Asaily sang their new song “Invention”, on stage, 24 hours after it was released, to a great standing ovation from the audience.

Tamer also sang a number of his famous songs, including Law Khaifa, which he sang with Dania, the daughter of Hariri and Iman.

It is noteworthy that Yasser Hariri married Iman Al-Abed 17 years ago, and they had their only daughter, Dania.

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