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The former Miss Lebanon and actress Valerie Abu Chakra celebrated her wedding to businessman Ziad Ammar in the patriarchal edifice in Bkerke, with the blessing of Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi.

Al-Nahar wrote: “We did not expect any of the stars to set their weddings during this season, especially since the alarm sounds, whenever we remember the calamities that resulted from the Corona virus. However, the beautiful Lebanese actress Valerie Abu Chakra chose to forget the painful situation and overcome all difficulties, and resorted to listening To the bell of the Church, which rang today joyfully, as a bride for this season.

Abu Shakra sparkled in a dress designed by her specifically Maria Grazia Schiori, who is the creative director of Dior, who took care of the smallest details of this look: she chose a pure white and satin fabric with golden embroideries as if they were “embroidered” on every corner of this dress that we mentioned with the dresses of the queens and princesses who stole the view In the era of the sixties and seventies, due to the blown shoulders and the high simplicity.

Beauty expert Bassam Fattouh took care of the bride’s makeup, which simulated the smoothness of the details of her face, as it focused on the nude colors and a little smoky, which gave the property a distinctive royal character. As for her hairstyle, the expert George El Mendelek took care of the hair that was adorned with a royal crown inlaid with shiny crystal beads. “

Source: Al-Nahar


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